Hacks to Help You Workout in the Morning

With these hacks, you'll muster up the energy to start your day the right way.


By Tesa Johns


Ugh, the dreaded alarm clock! It's time to get moving, and not only to get up for work, but also to workout. Getting up and hitting the gym or exercising can be a great way to start your day. Obviously, the best time to workout is based on your schedule and your body, but there are many benefits to the early morning routine.

  • You’ve already accomplished something. No matter what your day make take you through you can remember you’ve already accomplished so much in the gym.
  • This may trigger you to remember to eat healthy throughout the day!
  • More time after work! No need to explain here, who doesn't love more time after a long day.
  • It’s already over with. Getting up and completing the workout means you don't have to stress about fitting it in later.
  • You could burn more fat. There is a lot of conflicting research on the pros and cons of exercising on an empty stomach, however suggests that you can burn up to 20 percent more body fat by exercising in the morning before your first meal. Getting a meal in early before you sit down at your desk to start your day will jump-start your metabolism and keep your appetite curbed.

So how do I get myself out of this bed?

Set two alarms. No, not for one to snooze and one to actually wake up! “The first one lets me know I have 15 more minutes to sleep, which makes me happy. Then I meditate for 10 minutes, drink an almond milk cappuccino, play music (pretty loud—sorry, neighbors!), and throw on a super-bright Nike outfit. Caffeine. Clear Head. Neon.

I'm out the door and ready to take on the day.” — Holly Rilinger, Nike Master Trainer, Flywheel Master Instructor, and co-creator of BeachFIT.

Prepare the night before.

Think about your workout routine for the next morning, prepare any workout necessities, and even think about what you plan to wear after your great workout! Doing this all ahead of time leads for no delay in the morning or for a chance to back out from the workout!

Plan a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Fitting in that last rep means you get to go eat your amazing breakfast you had planned that will fuel you into the lunch hour. Whether you eat before your workout or after, planning ahead will ensure for a better nutritious day.

Move your alarm clock.

Not only will it help to set the alarm to get you up, but it can also help to get you out of bed as well. Move the annoying clock across your bedroom so you're forced to get up, turn on a light switch and begin your day!

Habits die hard!

Make your routine a habit. Life is about habits, both big and small.

“To get to the bigger goal of working out in the morning, I stick to small habits along the way, like placing my alarm clock in my kitchen. As I brush my teeth, I ask myself: What will I gain from staying awake instead of going back to bed?

The answer is always ‘a lot,’ because a couple extra hours of uninterrupted time is enormous, whether it's spent at a desk or in the gym.” — Adam Griffin, founder of Bodeefit. Therefore, DO IT no matter what! Even if you're not feeling the workout or not in the mood. Keeping the routine and mustering up the energy to go to the gym will benefit you throughout the day!

Tesa is new to blogging, but hopes to make a big impact with her vast knowledge of athletics and experience. Tesa recently earned her bachelor's degree at the Pennsylvania State University. While majoring in Athletic Training and minoring in psychology, she worked with various division one collegiate sports teams. Tesa is continuing her education by pursuing her Master's of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in sports pedagogy at The Louisiana State University. Tesa is a board certified Athletic Trainer and a Performance Enhancement Specialist. Outside of the training room, Tesa enjoys going on runs and working out for leisure.

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