5 Natural Ways to Cope with a Hangover

Fun night? Here are some ideas to feel better the next day.


By Lauren M


Sir Isaac Newton once said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Little did he know that the action of going out and having a fun time drinking with friends all night has the dreaded opposite reaction of a not so fun hangover the morning after! As unpleasant as a hangover may be, there are some proven remedies that will ease those horrific hangovers. Here are 5 natural ways to cope with a hangover:


The most commonly referred to remedy for a hangover also happens to be the most effective. Drinking water will dilute the alcohol concentration within your blood stream, but will also help promote urination which will serve as an effective way to flush out your system. Many doctors say drinking sports drinks that contain electrolytes also help the body make a quicker recovery.


Everyone seems to have their own secret remedy as to what foods help cure hangovers more effectively than others. According to John Brick, the author of The Doctor’s Hangover Handbook, the key is eating light. Some will swear by greasy foods, asparagus, eggs, or bananas, but Dr. Brick says it can vary for each person, but that eating light and staying hydrated has proven to be the most effective in all of the studies he’s done. It should be noted that drinking caffeine actually WORSENS the headache due to caffeine’s natural effects of raiding blood pressure and narrowing one’s blood vessels.


When you wake up the morning after a heavy night of drinking, the alcoholic toxins are still circulating throughout your body. One simple and natural way to deal with this is by getting those toxins from the inside of your body, to the outside. Taking a long hot shower or soaking in a bath has proven effective in many studies. Working up a sweat and exerting energy through physical activity has also proven effective at releasing those toxins from your body and ridding yourself of a nasty hangover. Sweating heavily is another way to quickly eradicate the body of toxins, just be sure to drink plenty of water during your sweat session in an effort to avoid dehydration.


While taking pills is never something that should be taken lightly, there are some over-the-counter pills that have really helped victims of hangovers throughout the years. The first pill that can help is Vitamin B. Having Vitamin B in our system helps maintain our daily health, and alcohol has been proven to deplete our systems of Vitamin B.

Another type of pill that has proven useful to hangover cures is a simple pain-relieving pill such as ibuprofen. Be sure to avoid Tylenol, however, since it contains acetaminophen, which many doctors say is too risky on the liver when combined with alcohol.


Perhaps the most natural way to cope with a hangover is to simply roll back over in bed for additional sleep upon waking up with that unpleasant headache and possible stomach ache. As mentioned earlier, the hangover will ease as the toxins leave the body, and that happens naturally as time passes. Reducing the hours that you are awake with a hangover will surely help you cope with the side effects, and sleeping can help restore energy and natural vitamins that the body intakes while resting. If you have the luxury of sleeping in or napping, take advantage of it and remember that time is the great healer of all things!

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Dec 17, 2019

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